Saturday, March 21, 2009

91 Days and Counting...

Well, after a few day hiatus, I'm back... Tough week at work, and my mind was there, not with training. I got back in the saddle today, so here's the recap.

-Breakfast: 2 peanut butter granola bars, cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Bowl of granola with raisins and almonds, 2% milk.
-Dinner: Nachos (chips, shredded 2% cheddar), salsa, guacamole.
-Snacks: Peanut butter granola bar, package of fruit snacks, and a Mike's Hard Lemonade.

-Training: Good, long day.
Started with a 42 minute swim, continuous, at race pace (2:26/150 meters).

Came straight home, and hit the bike, for a 60 minute ride at RPE 6, big ring, pushed hard (higher intensity to make up for lower time).

Ate, recovered in front of some NCAA and my laptop for about 5 hours, and then hit the treadmill for a 60 minute run at 7mph (higher intensity to make up for lower time).

I think the few days of rest did some good for me, as I felt fresh for each session today. That's good, as I have another long day tomorrow to make up for a little lost time...

On a side note, I am very excited at a recent announcement. World Triathlon Corporation (owners of the Ironman Brand) announced that there is a new race in 2010, in St. George Utah! Of course, impulsive IM freak that I am, I checked with the smokin-hot-super-smart wife, and she gave the thumbs up... We're registered! So, I get to do a race in my home state, and show Heather a bit of the red-rock desert Southwest. Albeit in 14 monts, but we still get to go!

Til next time....

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