Saturday, May 30, 2009

21 Days and Counting...

Holy smokes, 3 weeks to go!

I know, I have been out of cyberspace for about 9 days, and for that I apologize... I am happy to say we got through the stomach flu, despite losing 7lbs. in 24 hours. YUCK. But, we got the 7lbs. back (I drank a lot of apple juice and ate some ice cream for "recovery"!!).

Since last Monday, I have managed to squeek in a 45 minute swim, a 100 minute run, a super fast 7 miler (60 minutes), a 2 hour ride, a 30 minute swim, and an 80 minute run. On the docket today, another 30 minute swim, a 3 hour ride outside (going to be nice out!!), and if the legs feel up to it, a 60 minute recovery run.

So, we lost some traction with getting sick for a 2nd time, but I feel strong, and am still confident that we have a sub-17 in the tank.

Despite all the triathlon talk, baby girl is doing AMAZING. She is figuring out day from night, eating well, and seems only to be fussy when she's hungry. How did we make a baby this cute?!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swine flu, and counting...

Ugh. Okay, not swine flu, but man am I sick. Have been for a few days. I lost 7lbs. in fluids in 24 hours (um, I was not sweating either).

SO, though I really need to get in some long days, I am back to recuperating. A few years ago I would be freaking out, but after 5 weeks off last year for bronchitis, I am still very confident. I think we're cutting it a little CLOSE (bronchitis was 10 weeks out LY, not 30 days!), but let's be honest. I ain't gonna win the damn thing, sick or not. :-) Sub-17 is still within reach! I am posting a positive racing picture above to keep myself thinking positive...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

34 Days and Counting...

So I skipped a day of writing, but admirably, did NOT skip a day of training. It wasn't specatacular yesterday, but I got in a solid 30 minute swim in the morning.

Today, did 9 miles in 80 minutes, and felt really good. I put down 4 GUs and 20 oz. of water, which was good. Today was warm in Seattle (75 and sunny!), so it is a mental win to get in some training in the heat. I am operating under the assumption that it will be warm and sunny in CDA in June, though I have been wrong before... :-)

I continue to find ways to shoehorn in training despite LOTS going on, and it is a pretty good confidence builder that with all the distractions that life tosses out, I still feel good physically. Plus, I still love being a Daddy (surprise!!), and it looks I can be Daddy and Wannabe Ironman at the same time. :-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

36 Days and Counting.....

I got a note from my younger sister today that I haven't been as diligent with the blog as I initially promised, so I am making a special effort to post today... Thanks Anna!

My eating continues to be good... Oddly, having the baby makes me pay attention to my food more, mostly because I squeeze in my meals when I can, and knowing I can't just eat when I feel like it, I am doing quite well. I also weighed myself today, and am down to 147. My race weight the last two years was 145, so it seems like the volume, though it feels low, is on track, and my nutrition, in addition to feeling on track, also seems to be verified by the scale.

Today was a tough training day, mentally. I got in a 2 hour run, and actually got to do it outside. About 65 and sunny in Seattle, so can't complain about that (in honor of that, the jeep photo, as I am stoked to get the top off soon!). Was just tough mentally; didn't feel focused, and couldn't keep my head in the game. Proud to say I did gut it out, and got it done... Legs felt sprung for about an hour afterwards, but after a bit of stretching, they felt just fine.

The year seems to be going ridiculously fast, with only 36 days to go?! I feel pretty good about training so far, but am going to have to be pretty strategic about my time in the next month to get in both some long sessions, but ample rest and recovery. We'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

39 Days and Counting... Can it be true?!

Yes, it can. Calendars do not lie!

For all of you (okay... both of us) following the blog to this point, you've noticed that I REALLY fell off the wagon of posting in the last 10 days or so. With baby girl showing up to the party, time has been at a premium, but I am very happy to say I have been productive. At least what I would consider being productive!

Last Saturday, I got in a 2 hour ride with my buddy Deuce; sunny weather, a riding parnter (rare for me!), and some bratwursts on the grill afterwards.

Sunday was Mother's day, so I did... Nothing to do with Triathlon. :-) Took care of brand new mommy, and relaxed!

Monday, got in an 80 minute run, pretty brisk, and hashed out 9 miles.

Today, I got in a 30 minute swim, and 60 minutes HARD on the bike, on the trainer.

I am managing to still squeak in training, though I am finding that my sessions are shorter (only so many hours in the day), and I am fine with that. I have found in the last week and a half that I can kill 2 hours without noticing it, just sitting on the couch making faces at Cara. I am a diaper changing machine (in that I like it, not that I change them all!), and tonight I had my first incident of Cara peeing all over the changing table after I had wiped her clean and turned away to toss the dirty diaper. I thought only boys could pee sideways?!

Anyhow, I feel good about training, will find ways to keep it going, and am loving being a daddy.

Ironman, here we come!

Friday, May 8, 2009

43 Days and Counting...

Back at it today!

-Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel and peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee
-Lunch: Turkey and provolone sandwich on whole wheat bread, one can of coke (helps me not fall asleep with baby girl in my lap!).
-Dinner: steak and lobster, some green bean and carrots, and 3 (okay, now 4) glasses of wine. Excessive? Yes. Awesome? Oh, yes.
-Snacks: None!

10k run at race pace, and did the 6.2 miles in 51 minutes. Pretty good!

In an odd twist for me, I actually have a friend coming on a bike ride with me tomorrow... In 3 years of training, I have done all of it solo, save for the training/racing I did with my smoking hot wife last year for IM FL 70.3. My buddy Deuce is headed up to Ren-Town to hit the Cedary River Trail with me. I am really excited to have some company on what is admittedly the least favorite part of racing/training for me.

I have bribed him with BBQ afterwards at the house, and the chance to meet my adorable baby girl, but he is up for the challenge!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

45 Daddy... I mean Days... And Counting!

Okay, so I have been offline, and (predictably) not training since last Friday. We ended up in the hospital at 730am, and little Cara was born (with a little help!) at 9:15pm.

Since then I have actually done pretty well with my eating. I've cut WAY down on calories consumed (I managed to drop 3lbs. this week) with the decrease in training volume, but I've also stopped hydrating as well (some of the 3lbs, I'm sure). The worst thing I've eaten is some jelly beans and a couple brownies, and as I type I am treating myself to a beer tonight.

But I HAVE been busy! This is not exactly a "Rest Week" in the traditional sense... I have slept from about 1am to 530am, and 6-830 each night since Saturday, which is actually pretty good. Heather has been getting less sleep, as she has to do most of the work in the night time. We've split duties up a bit, so she can get a long nap mid-morning and late evening, but I gotta tell you, she is a champ!

I am proud of myself for one thing... I'm more relaxed than I thought I would be. I figured I would have a hard time sleeping, as I'd constantly be listening for baby's breathing at night, or watching her for movement to make sure everything is okay. Either I am doing okay at staying mellow, or I am too tired to maintain focus for very long. I am banking on the latter...

I hope to get in some swimming later this week, as we are sort of getting into a new routine here at home. But, even if I don't, my goal of sub-17 Ironman is still alive and well, and I have a cute little bundle of love to think about every step of the way (and a baby too! haha, love you Heather!). Training will pick up soon enough, and I am thinking now, more than ever, the bike trainer and treadmill are the most fantastic strategic purchases of my life!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How many days and counting? I don't know, I'm a Daddy!

We had our beautiful baby girl on Friday night!! Just got home from the hospital this afternon.

I'm as tired as a century ride or a 3 hour run has ever made me, but about a billion times happier....
I am the proudest daddy in the whole world!