Monday, March 9, 2009

103 Days and Counting....

...and today was just one of those days.

With IM training you always worry about burnout, and overdoing the training. 20 weeks of prep is a long time, and you tend to feel as if you didn't run 10 miles and swim 2 everyday, that you didn't do enough. It's easy to let the intertia of training get its claws in you, and make you do too much, at the expense of some much needed rest.

So while the plan called for 90 minutes of cycling and a 60 minute recovery run, I took today as a "mental health day."

I have to be careful that this doesn't become too frequent, but some days the stress of work/life just kick you in the face a little harder than usual, and you need a day to bounce back. Not that I got terrible news today, or had a horrible day, just a bunch of things wrapped up in a "perfect storm" that catches you a bit off guard.

Today was one of those, so we took a rest, and we'll be back at it tomorrow.... But, today was also a good reminder of what good friends can do for your mindset, and help you out. A plateful of wings, and a couple beers with good people, and all the rough parts of the day fade into the back of your mind. It helps put into perspective how lucky you really are, and how many good things happen on a day to day basis.

No training today, but today was still a good day.

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