Saturday, March 28, 2009

84 Days and Counting...

I find myself at this point, letting little stuff fall off my plate on a daily basis, and I KNEW this was coming... Getting all the training in, and doing everything else I need to do, is a pretty tough juggling act. As you may have noticed, one of the first things to drop has been posting everyday! I promise to pick that up again (both of us are happier when it's done everyday)... I am also finding myself waiting to laundry on the weekend, pay bills on the weekend, call my parents/sisters on the weekend, and now getting some additional work done on the weekends too. NOT GOOD, because then the weekend sucks too! So, gotta pay attention and spread out the training/life stuff better. This means getting up earlier, staying up later, so time to readjust the alarm clock.

Yesterday, the food was pretty much the usual. I was supposed to get in a swim, but did 30 hard minutes running instead, and got in 4. miles in 30 minutes, one of my fastest sessions yet. Legs felt good, but I am finding I need to work on not getting distracted... I usually let my mind wander wherever it wants to go, but lately it's been stuck on work. As you can imagine, this does not make me want to run more. :-)

After the run, showered and headed out to the Wing Dome for some comraderie over delicious wings, and what turned out to be one too many pints of PBR. I slept like a LOG.

Got up this morning, and did 30 minutes continuous in the pool. I didn't have the whole pool to myself, but I did have my lane to myself (I seriously hate sharing a lane in the pool). Nothing unusual about the swim, but it was kept lively playing slalom through the 3 unusually large balls of hair that were magically floating in my lane. Yucky. Managed to avoid them, and came home to watch some TV with the smoking hot wife.

Off to the treadmill here pretty soon for a 90 minute run today, one of 2 long-ish sessions this weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot... They guy who works at the gym from a post a while back. His name is Bruce, and he has 3 kids; 16 year old twins, and a 6 year old. He said babies are fun, you learn to be a parent over time, and teenagers are "a blessing... but in disguise."

Sometimes talking with a stranger does not lead to violence-a-la-Fenway-Park. Sometimes it leads to... Bruce. :-)

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