Thursday, March 5, 2009

107 Days and Counting...

-Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, and 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Two crab cakes, and a glass of cran-raspberry juice.
-Dinner: Bowl of vegetable beef soup, handful of goldfish crackers, stick of cheddar cheese.
-Snacks: 2 pieces of fruit leather, package of fruit snacks, handful of wheat thins and crab/cheese dip, 1 girl scout cookie, bowl of pineapple coconut ice cream.

-Training: LONG day.
Bike, 90 minutes easy spinning, RPE 3.

Immediate transition to the run, 60 minutes at RPE 5 (race pace, 6.5 mph), with 6 20 second strides at 8.5 mph for 20 seconds (building some neuro-speed).

So my question to you, faithful reader (both of you), is would you consider a triathlete lazy? The answer, at least today, appears to be... Maybe.

I have sunk to a new low! As you know, I do a lot of my cycling indoors, on the traininer. I normally watch some On Demand TV, or a movie, or some awesome History Channel. Today, since my ride was only an RPE 3 of easy spinning, I decided to try and play video games while spinning.

You read that correctly, I played Nintento Wii while spinning. I managed to actually shoot some killer zombies for about 45 minutes while spinning... At first I thought I was pretty creative, as I was in the aero position the whole time, blasting away at the European Villagers who had been possessed by a long dormnat virus that made them crave the taste of human flest. And then the creative feeling was slowly replaced with a sheepish embarassment. I was training for the toughest single day endurance event in the world... by playin Resident Evil 4.

So, I stopped, finsihed my spin, and pushed hard on the 20 second strides in the run.

And I managed to not poop my pants for 2 days in a row.

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