Wednesday, March 11, 2009

101 Days and Counting....

Back at it after a brief hiatus!

-Breakfast: Packet of oatmeal, peanut butter granola bar, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Cup of Ramen, package of fruit snacks, piece of fruit leather, handful of wheat thins.
-Dinner: Can of vegetable beef soup, handful of goldfish crackers.
-Snacks: Package of fruit snacks, 3 sticks of cheese, wheat thins, goldfish crackers.


Yesterday: Had to squeeze it in between work and the last baby class, but got 60 minutes in on the treadmill; 6.5 mph with 8 mph strides every 5 minutes.


Swim, 30 minutes continuous at RPE 5. Felt really good after being out of the pool for a few days; focused on good hard effort but keeping things smooth.

Bike, 2 hours, hard effort, RPE 6. Mix of big and small ring, but kept focused on pushing a big gear. I was surprised how good I felt, but I guess that means the time in the saddle is paying off!

I find myself writing this next story at the expense of repeating myself (another gym story), but I think it warrants putting this gem out there for everyone...

They gym is gross. Anyone who's ever been to one knows this. They smell gross, the humidity in the locker room is gross, the wierdos in the shower are gross, the random bits of flotsam in the pool are gross, the machines that get sweated all over are gross... It's all gross. We put up with the gross because it gets us what we need in terms of fitness/exercise. As long as you don't wallow in the grossness, you can put up with it. But then there are days like today, where the grossness ends up in your mouth.

I was swimming my laps, focusing on a smooth form, but hard effort, and feeling great, until... what the hell is that in my mouth?! ugghrth!! shjktrrrgh!! UUURRRGLLLAAACCCK!!!!

I swam right through the middle of a toupee, or the leftovers of that big biker-chick's armpit hair from the lane next to me. Yucky.

But, I am proud to say I manned up (or ironmanned up, if you'll let be arrogant for a second), and once I got the ball or hair out of my face, I finished my swim strong, and focused.

You're welcome, everybody.

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