Thursday, April 30, 2009

51 Days and Counting...

Bored tonight, not feeling like posting the food... :-)

Training today was supposed to be a swim, and 2.5 hour run. I didn't get home from work til about 6:40, and Heather wasn't but 5 minutes behind me. Since today was officially her last day at work (14 weeks of FMLA, hurray!), we both hit the pool for a 3 minute continuous swim. After that, we went for a celebratory dinner at Olive Garden (thanks to my father-in-law for the gift certificates!).

At dinner, we were talking about how many women seem to be incredibly rude to pregnant women, and I found it funny. Below are some of the things that people have told my wife:

"Your belly has dropped!" (no, it hasn't)

"Your going to have a boy!" (no, we're not)

"I can't believe how full your face looks!" (you need to be slapped, you jerk)

"Your baby will have a full head of hair!" (how the hell are you guessing that?)

"I can't believe your still working!" (it's physical therapy, not construction)

"You can have an epidural.... But I had 19 kids without one, and my labors all lasted 186 hours, in the desert, with no doctor present." (you also need to be slapped, you jerk)

"Your labor is going to be a half hour!" (thanks, but you delusional)

"You need to relax during labor; you're athletic and will probably be tense." (you need to shut up, you're an office worker not a doctor)

"You need to wait another 3 weeks; if you go now at 39 weeks she'll be premature." (that's interesting, my MD doesn't agree with you; I think I'll listen to her)

"I went natural." (that's awesome, can I naturally punch you in the face?)

There are many others, but I am realizing that my responses in parentheses are becoming more caustic... In the interest of keeping it G rated, I'll stop now.

7 days and counting to baby!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

52 Days and Counting....

Forgot to post yesterday!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, yesterday and today are pretty much the basics... Granola, fruit snacks, fruit leather. Dinner yesterday was egg and cheese breakfast burrito, today was a bowl of chicken/sausage gumbo.

Yesterday was 90 mintues solid on the bike, RPE 5.

Today, getting ready to get on the bike for 30 minutes, then get on the treadmill for 60 minutes at 6.5 mph.

Not much for news the last couple of days, just MENTALLY TIRED. Not lacking motivation for training, just in a bit of a funk where the couch and the TV remote seem to have increased their gravitational pull!!
I am finding myself distracted from training compared to the last couple years... Nothing bad, just getting ready for baby (one more routine Dr. appointment today), and thinking about all that comes with that. I am definitely having trouble being patient for that! We both want her to be here and get started being a family.... The good news is everything so far has been textbook, so we'll keep trying our best to wait!

Monday, April 27, 2009

54 Days and Counting...

Food: Ate a bunch today. Hamburger, bagel with cream cheese, fruit leather x5, fruit snacks x3, coffee, granola bars... I felt hungry all day.

Training: 30 minute swim, 45 minute bike.

Fast post today! Super sleepy, and off to La La land here pretty soon... Sorry for beeing so brief, just looking forward to some ZZZZ's.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

55 Days and Counting...

-Breakfast: Turkey Sausage and potatoe soufle, cinnamon bagel with honey walnut cream cheese, 1 cup of coffee.
-Lunch: 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza.
-Dinner: 2 small hamburgers, one can of Coors Light (I was grilling, thus obligated to have one), large helping of fresh asparagus, one brownie.

Great long day, of all three disciplines. 3o minute continuous swim, RPE 4.

Bike, 60 minutes, RPE 6.

Immediate transition to the run, and did a 10k in 49:30.

Legs and everything else felt great today!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

56 Days and Counting...

Yes, I am doing it wrong!

A couple days this week sans post, and sans workout... Just got swamped with work, and the house (we got the electrical re-done, making the house much safer for Junior when she gets here). It has been a rough couple weeks trying to get everything in, but I am still feeling pretty good overall. The rest certainly helps, and I continue to get in more cycling that is customary, my swim still feels good, and the legs seem to be holding up on the run. Not there yet, but I think we're on track, as long as I get back to the routine of punching the clock.

But, back on track today.

-Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Piece of pepperoni pizza.
-Dinner: bbq chicken sandwich on whole wheat bun (x2), potato salad, coleslaw, 2 bud lights.


90 minute run, was planned... Got in 10 miles in 87 minutes, and the legs felt good. I actually got the run in outside, though it wasn't a banner day in Seattle. 55 degrees, and cloudy, but dry. It just feels better outside...

It was a great afternoon, as when the run was done we had some friends come over to the house (Thanks Chan, Cadence, Wolt, and Deuce!), fired up the grill, and then fired up the fire bowl in the front yard. Overall, an epic day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

59 Days and Counting...

-Breakfast : 2 peanut butter granola bars, 2 cups of coffe, 1 package of fruit snacks.
-Lunch: Can of southwestern vegetable soup, handful of wheat thins.
-Dinner: Pasta with tomatoe sauce, and some parmesan.
-Snacks: 4 packages of fruit snacks, 3 pieces of fruit leather, and some leftover easter candy.

60 minute bike, RPE 5, felt pretty good. Weather was back to normal for Seattle (50 and rainy) so it was inside on the trainer, but my legs felt fine after my long ride from Sunday.

After the bike, transitioned to a run on the treadmill, and did 30 minutes at 6.5mph. Legs felt good, and no rubbery feeling after the switch from the bike.

I sound like a broken record, but I feel solid after being sick last week. I was paranoid for a little while after my "cold" last year turned into bronchitis and sidelined me for 5 weeks. I am pleased to be feeling well!

I also had another baby appointment at the end of the day today, and we are still "textbook" as far as that goes. Textbook heartbeat, textbook measurements, textbook blood pressure.... Right where we should be! I am starting to have a REALLY hard time waiting. I told a friend at work it's like being Ralphie waiting for his Red Rider BB gun on Christmas morning.... this was exacerbated by the statement from our Good Doctor that the textbook baby comes 8 days after the projected due date.

I never liked reading textboks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

60 Days and Counting....

-Breakfast: 2 Peanut butter granola bars, 2 packages of fruit snacks, 1 piece of fruit leather, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Can of Chicken Tortilla soup, handful of wheat thins.
-Dinner: Chicken and beef teryaki, white rice.
-Snacks: 3 packages of fruit snacks, 2 pieces of fruit leather, 2 thin min girl scout cookies.

53 minute run, outside! It was a very nice day, and though I didn't get out of work early enough to really enjoy the sunshine, I was able to do my run outside before dinner tonight... It was great. Probably 60 degrees, but sunny.

I felt TIRED today running... Oddly, my pace was fine (53 minutes for 6 miles, so brisk for me), but I felt weak. Part of me thinks I didn't eat well after my 4 hour ride on Sunday, as my legs were good, it was more of the rest of my body feeling a little out of gas.

Still felt pretty good though, and feel 100% back from the cold. I don't feel snuffly, no runny nose or congestion, so I think the rest did me some good. I need to ramp up a bit more cyling this week, and hopefully the weather holds to get that and my running outside. It would be REALLY nice to have some warm weather to get used to also! 2007 in CDA was cold, 2008 in Lake Placid was cold and rainy, so I think we're due for hot and sunny for once.... We'll hope so, anyway!

Monday, April 20, 2009

61 Days and Counting....

(Wrote this last night but forgot to post it... Sorry!)
-Breakfast: 2 Peanut butter granola bars, 2 cups of coffee, package of fruit snacks.
-Lunch: Lobster chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.
-Dinner: BBQ chicken sandwich, made from yesterday's leftovers.
-Snacks: I think I ate 6 packages of fruit snacks today (I felt a little addicted, they just tasted good), 3 pieces of fruit leather, and some almonds.

None... Wasn't supposed to be a rest day, but I felt the cold sneaking back a little after our long ride yesterday, so decided to lay low today (which was easy since I also had a long day at work), and drink 48 ounces of Propel. Hoping that I can DROWN the cold germs out of my system!

Not too worried about today, as it is supposed to be a rest week, but I have some cycling and running to make up, and it looks like the weather will hold this week for me to do it. I am pretty set on not rushing back from getting sick, as that will just make me MORE sick. Rest is our friend, kids. (Ian, make sure Sarah reads this post!).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

62 Days and Counting... And back in the saddle for real!

-Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Leftover mac'n cheese, handful of almonds, handful of goldfish crackers, piece of fruit leather.
-Dinner: BBQ chicken and rice, with some carrot sticks for veggie.

3 hour 55 minute ride, 60 miles total. Just like yesterday, I strapped on the heart rate monitor to get a baseline. I was pleasantly suprprised by the data, but here is the breakdown:

Minimum HR 89 (just getting started), maximum 160, average 142. It was a bit lower than on the run, which was nice to see! I sometimes feel like I labor a bit on the bike, but I guess that's just because I like it the least.

Today was fantastic though, about 70 degrees and sunny out, so I FINALLY got some outdoor time on the bike! I hit the Cedar River trail along Hwy 169, which is my favorite ride around here. It doesn't really have any hills, but it is a very slight uphill ride for about 10 miles straight, and is flat enough on the way back that there are NO downhill sections where you can coast and rest your legs. So it was a pretty flat ride, but I still feel like I earned my 60 miles.
My 56 mile time (1 lap on the IM course) was 3:40, the same as my first lap in Lake Placid. I tend to be a first lap hero, and have yet to learn how to effectively "hold back" a bit, but it was a good confidence booster that with 10 weeks to go, I felt good today. I still think I need a few long rides outside to keep improving, as my first lap in CDA in 2007 was 3:20. There are lots of downhill sections to bomb that are good for the average speed, but I want to make sure I'm feeling good on the slow uphill sections!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

63 Days and Counting... Back in the saddle! (ok, pool, no saddle)

-Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffe.
-Lunch: Big bowl of Flourescent orange love (kraft macaroni and cheese... please).
-Dinner: Not yet, but I need to do something good for me, as the mac'n cheese was a hedonistic choice. After the run, it sounded like heaven, and didn't disappoint one bit!
-Snack: Big bowl of fruity pebbles, 2% milk. Again, not a wise choice, but it sounded better than granola today.

Exciting, as I FINALLY got in some quality workouts after being sick M-F of this week...
Swim, 30 minutes continuous, mostly at RPE 3. Just wanted to test myself after being sick all week, and REALLY felt good. Inappropriate speedo man was back at the pool today, but gave up after 2 flip turns, so no drowning cow circus. My wife freaked me out in the car on the way home, as she asked "did he say hi to you?" I don't recall that, and certainly not opposed to friendly pool conversation (even with Inappropriate speedo man), so hopefully I didn't come across as a pool snob. As a sidenote, it was fun having my 9 months pregnant wife swim laps with me at the pool today (yes, Heather McHottie joined me this morning). Even more awesome, she was faster than some other folks in a neighboring lane! Way to be Iron Girl...

Came back and fueled up on fruity pebbles, and then did a 65 minute run, 7 miles total. Really tried to keep myself at a slower pace, so as not to aggravate the cold I'm just getting over. I was surprised at how good I felt.

I also decided to try a science experiment today. I have some heart rate data from early in the training, and it is fun to run the data and see what comes out. I was curious what my HR would be after being sick, and coming back from a week off.

When I started, I thought I would just take it easy, not pay attention to the clock, and do a 6 mile loop, and see how I felt. I figured 10 minute miles would be a good recovery pace, and not be so hard that I'd get sick again tomorrow.

I ran my 6 miles, and when I looked at the clock it was 54 minutes! Not super fast, but not the lazy 10 minute miles I thought I'd do. So, I did 1 more mile, and finished in 63 minutes. My Avg. HR was 158, compared to 163 the last time I checked on a run. I don't have the credentials to interpret data like that with doctoral precision, but my paraphrased deduction is this:

Feel good while running, running fairly fast, with the ticker not working as hard to maintain the effort...

Friday, April 17, 2009

64 Days and Counting....

Well, I am back today, but no workout news.... Still fighting the cold, and though I would prefer to have gotten my workouts in, the rest isn't a bad thing. I learned the hard way last year about how big a mess I can get myself into if I try to push through sickness. I ended up with bronchitis that shut me down for 5 weeks, so I am doing the smart thing (admittedly, hard as well), and making sure I get well before I push my limits.

So, instead of a workout recap this week, more of a mental recap. I have 64 days left until the race, and am pretty close to halfway through the training. This year, time seems to be FLYING by. Can't figure out why though... I fell as though I haven't done as much training as I did the last two years, and yet on my long days of training, I still feel good; lungs keep working, and legs feel strong. I find myself daydreaming about the race instead of getting nervous for it. I am 100% aware there is still a lot of work to do, and if you drop your guard the race will kick you in the face first chance it gets, so I'm not letting myself get over confident...

All the same, I feel more ready this year than the previous two. Maybe I'm just relaxed because I have a good idea for what to expect? I've only had one bad dream about the race (I came out of the swim and couldn't find my bike; can you tell I'm a weak cyclist?!), and just keep thinking about what it will be like to race with my mom, my sister, my brand new neice, my smokin hot wife AND my brand new baby girl there?

Good stuff. :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

66 Days and Counting....

Ugh, again today....

Three days now out of commission with the head cold. I think we might have broken it though, as I am feeling on the upswing tonight. I traveled down to Los Angeles for a quick meeting with the boss, and was fighting the cold pretty hard all day. Getting ready to nod off, I feel just the tiniest bit better, so we'll see.

I am missing a big chunk of my bike-focused week, but will try to make up a bunch next week, as it's a rest week. Should be able to squeeze some extra time in ok.

The only other update is that we had our last ultrasound yesterday for baby girl, and all is well. She is situated head down, like she should be, and continues to practice her swim stroke regularly... Yeah, I know she may not be REALLY practicing her swimming, but it beats thinking she's punching her mom in the liver and lungs just for fun. :-)

23 days and counting til baby!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

67 Days and Counting...


First cold of the year, and it's stuck in my head... Pressure in my eyeballs and sinuses, which is a new one for me. I normally just get snuffly for a few days each winter.

So, no training for the last few days, just sucking down cranberry juice and fruit leather, trying to get better. Off to sleep here in a few, and have a couple travel days on the agenda. At least going to Los Angeles, so hopefully the warm weather will help out.
The picture above has no real purpose, just one from our honeymoon on Maui. We're at the top of Haleakala volcano... Just missing 80 degrees and sunny, I guess!

Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

69 Days and Counting...

-Breakfast: Cinnamon Raisin bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: 2 cheese quesadillas with salsa, and a bowl of granola with 2% milk.
-Dinner: Haven't eaten yet, but Corned Beef and potatoes are on the agenda!
-Snacks: Some jelly beans from the Easter Bunny, and a glass of cran-raspberry juice.

2 hour run, unfortunately on the treadmill (40 and pouring rain today, imagine that in Seattle). Also unfortunate, it was supposed to be a 2.5 hour run, but... the Easter Bunny who covers the Pacific Northwest is, shall we say, a bit clumsy? He slipped down the stairs in the house trying to sneak an Easter Basket into the kitchen early in the morning. Ruined the surprise, but also twisted his knee a bit. Probably more scared than anything, but when it started to feel weird at the 2 hour mark, I decided to err on the safe side and throw in the towel.

Prior to the early end to the run, I was lucky enough to catch the last 30 minutes of an NBC special on the Silverman Iron Distance Race in Lake, Mead, NV. Those specials are the BEST motivation for a treadmill run! Whoever produces them, from the Ironman World Championships on down, really understands the "everyman" aspect of the sport. They don't really waste a lot of time showing the viewer the leaders of the race. In true triathlon fashion, they go for the human interest stories with GUSTO. This means they typically focus the coverage on those of us who come ina little closer to the 17 hour cut-off! It may sound cheesy, but I honestly cannot watch an Ironman finish chute without getting a little choked up... People are so expressive about what it means to finish, and all the blood/sweat/tears comes out in those last 30 feet of the 104.6 miles. Pretty awesome to watch!

It got me thinking though, as the Silverman race is one that has the reputation of being a CRAZY HARD bike course. After my experience in Lake Placid this past year (also a tough bike course, and one that ate me alive) I am intrigued by the "tough" Ironman courses. I have gotten ever more curious after I signed up for the IM St. George in Utah, 2010. I signed up before the course profiles were uploaded to the website, and after they were posted...
Well, below is the profile for St. George...

And, below is the bike profile for Silverman...

And, one more, below is the profile for Lake Place...

Hmmm... I am not a trained statistician, but I am noticing some glaring similarities here.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

70 Days and Counting...

Not feeling the love around the food journal post today, so we're going freestyle...

This weekend was supposed to be a couple of LONG sessions, with a 3 hour brick, and a 2.5 hour run. I missed a swim and a run on Friday (no rest days this week, but I could tell I needed one), so I modified the weekend slightly.

Today was a 50 minute swim, continous, at RPE 7. I did 2 miles in 50 minutes, which is as fast as I've swam that distance in a while. I could definitely maintain the effort, but felt like I'd worked my butt off at the end. I am REALLY hoping to go sub 65 minutes in the swim in June, but this is a pretty loft goal. My 50 minute swim was in a pool, with no disruptions, but still a good confidence booster.

I went straight home, and instead of getting a nice 2 hour ride in outside (Ian, what the heck? You had to take the good weather back to Utah?!), I got in 2 hours in on the trainer.

Legs felt great, arms felt great, and rewarding myself tonight with some pizza, and watching the Boston University Terriers play in the NCAA ice hocky championship game.
Did I got to Boston University? Nope... But my smoking hot wife did. GO TERRIERS!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

72 Days and Counting...

-Breakfast: 2 peanut butter granola bars, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Cup of ramen, package of turkey jerky.
-Dinner: Cheese quesadilla, wheat thins and cheese.
-Snacks: 2 packages of fruit snacks, handful of almonds, handful of goldfish crackers.


75 minute run at 6.5 mph.

Couple of clarifying pieces of information, from recent questions:

-Yes, "handful" is a real measurement. It is from the metric system. Or maybe from Canada?

-No, I am not a 4 year old because I eat so many goldfish crackers.

-Still not wearing a speedo.

-Yes, I actually had an 8 hour 23 minute bike time last year in Lake Placid. That means I rode my bike for an entire workday.

-Yes, I am having a hard time waiting for baby to get here. I swear, it's like Christmas when you're 10 years old.

-Yes, I love peanut butter and bagels.

-Yes, I also love fruit snacks.

-Yes, my bagels and fruit snacks and goldfish and wheat thins and cheese keep Costco in business.
-Why do I do this? See above... :-)

73 Days and Counting...

WOW! I went and got off the radar again... This is starting to slip a little bit, and I am embarassed and how I've let it get so easy to to not blog! I know you're all SO disappointed, but we'll do a bit of catch up today. I am happy to say I've been on track this week, and feeling good in a run-focused week.

-Tuesday Training:
90 minutes bike, all RPE 5, consistent effort.

-Wednesday Training:
30 minute swim at RPE 6, and a 30 minute run at RPE 4.

Monday, April 6, 2009

75 Days and Counting...

-Breakfat: 2 Peanut butter granola bars, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Package of beef jerkey, handful of goldfish crackers, package of fruit snacks.
-Dinner: 2 cheese quesadillas, 2 sticks of cheddar, and a handful of wheat thins.
-Snacks: Package of fruit snacks, Fiber One Bar, 2 bottles of propel.

-Training: 80 minute run, OUTSIDE for once! Did 9 miles in 80 minutes, and legs felt good.

Why can't Seattle have more days like today? 70 degrees and sunny... Perfect weather for a weekend, not a MONDAY! Can't complain though as we did have a good weeekend. No training though, as we had a houseguest!

My buddy came up from Salt Lake, and we got to get out to Pike Place, a feast at the Crab Pot, showed him Jimi Hendrix grave (yes, he is buried in Renton, WA), and 7 awesome hours sitting in the driveway at the house nursing a sweet fire in the firebowl.
We also found out that my baby sister had her baby yesterday morning! 6 pounds, 10 ounces, 19 inches, and mom and baby are doing well. If I get permission from her parents, we'll get a cute picture of her up here.... Good times, all around!

Friday, April 3, 2009

78 Days and Counting...

Whoops, I did it again... :-)

Went a couple of days without posting here, but keeping fairly focused on the training. I was supposed to get in a ton of swimming this week, but in the last couple days managed to get two swims in, and a 60 minute run. I definitely slacked off a bit, but haven't dropped the ball entirely. Still driving hard at the J-O-B, and focused on baby.

So, bit of a shift from the ordinary today, I wanted to share an interesting tidbit from an article in Triathlete Magazine. It's from Scott Tinley, an Ironman pioneer, talking abour the economy.

"Recessions can reduce our choices. In America they're rarely eliminated. History has shown us that during times of economic challenge, people will turn towards things that matter. For some, it's essentials- food and shelter. For others, it's furthering education, health and fitness, or family and friends. With conspicuous consumption thwarted, we turn to the foundational matters of living: the spirit, the body, those people we are close to. And if we can sneak in a lunch hour with buddies, well, all the better."

I only share that, as I was able to get lunch, and some wings/beer with good friends this week, which despite everything else going on the world, it's just nice to hang out with good people, and do a little Talk-Story. I can't buy a boat, or a mansion, or a toilet made of gold, but I can still go out for food and conversation with my wife and friends. That's probably more fun than the gold toilet anyway. :-)