Monday, March 23, 2009

89 Days and Counting....

-Breakfast: Packet of oatmeal, 2 cups of coffee
-Lunch: Cup of Ramen, piece of fruit leather
-Dinner: Turkey Breast and mashed potatoes
-Snacks: 2 packets of fruit snacks, peanut butter granola bar, chex turtle bar, small dish of ice cream (I HAD to eat it, there wasn't much left....)

NOTHING. Rest day. WHAT?! Yup... I hadn't looked at my plan for this week until tonight when I got home from work, and was dreading a 2 hour session. I feel much better about the week, and have a mental plan of what I need to get done and when.

On another note, did anyone notice how CLOSE we are to the race?? 89 days is, like, nothing at all... That kind of hit me tonight, and I took a minute to think about how I feel about the training so far. I don't feel great (I felt like I did a TON more running the last couple years), but neither do I feel bad. I've been more focused on the bike, which has been great. I am swimming faster than ever, which is nice too. I may not be running as much, but I figure I'll be more motivated to get more mileage in when it warms up. I haven't skipped but one run session in the last 6 weeks, so I haven't scrimped, I just enjoy the running and so noticed I was missing it a little.

Another good sign, is that I have NOT been sick this year. I was knocked on my butt for about 6 weeks last year with bronchitis, and have avoided that so far...

Overall, I feel like we're on track. And while I feel like the race isn't really that far away, I am aware that I have 13 weeks of training left. It will go fast, for sure, but I have a LOT of time to build up endurance, and get in my precious running miles.

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