Saturday, February 28, 2009

112 Days and Counting....

-Breakfast: Honey Wheat Bagel with peanut butter and two cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Big bowl of granola with 2% milk, 2 sticks of cheese, and a handful of wheat thins, 12oz of gatorade.
-Dinner: Haven't eaten it yet, but gunning for pitchers of PBR and hot wings at the Wing Dome! (reward for another good week of training).

-Training: 90 minute run, with the GPS watch instead of the HRM today, to figure out my distance and pace. I was really happy, as I ended up at 10 miles, in 88:21.
I also recognize that some of you may be wondering what the heck the picture above is for... A cute story actually, of when I met my wife. She knew I was training for an Ironman, but had some pre-conceived notions of what we sometimes wear. She had a fear of what she calls, "The Man Panties" and didn't want me to be a speedo wearing freak. She actually sent me an email once and asked if I thought a little speedo brief was appropriate beach wear!

Needless to say, I am NOT a brief wearing athlete (I prefer jammer- think waist to knee shorts), and I was somehwat confused by her paranoia. But, take a look at the guy below...

Yeah, he is wearing "The Man Panties" and a sports bra. Weird? Yes.
Weirder? That guy is Faris al Sultan, 2005 IronMan World Champion.
I still won't wear them baby, so don't worry... Eye Luh Ewe.

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