Thursday, February 26, 2009

114 Days and Counting...

-Breakfast: Packet of oatmeal, 2 cups of coffee, piece of fruit leather, handful of fruit snacks.
-Lunch: Cup of ramen, peanut butter granola bar.
-Dinner: Cheese tortellini, 12oz of cran-raspberry juice.
-Snacks: Package of fruit snacks, 1 piece of fruit leather, Chex turtle bar (these are great!), bottle of vitamin water, bottle of propel water.

-Training: NONE. Rest day....

Today was a lesson in how sometimes life just smacks you in the face and shows you who's boss! Nothing bad happened, but I was scheduled for a 90 minute long run, and I planned to do it after work on the treadmill (it snowed again in Seattle, so I wasn't doing it outside!). I was eating and drinking all day to make sure I was fueled, and plugging along happily at work. It was an average day, by all accounts, until about 4pm. I started an interview (over the phone), and though I'd gotten about 5 phone calls all day, my phone went BERZERK. I got 11 phone calls during my 4-515pm interview!! Most of them required some level of immediate follow up, so around 630, I found myself starving (hadn't had dinner, or a chance to eat anything since 3pm), frazzled, and with my stunning wife walking in the front door from work.... I sometimes feel bad banishing her to bad TV while I hit the bike/treadmill. Put all of that together, and I just decided I didn't have it in me today. I just needed to eat, and relax (and give the pregnant lady a backrub!).

I had initially planned on Saturday to be my day off this week, but took today instead... It may even work out better, because if it is sunny on Saturday I can run outside!

The flexibility lesson is one I learned my first go-round with IM CDA; if you're not careful, and you let the training run your life, it takes the fun out of it and can burn you out fast. On the other hand, you get much more benefit from the process if you build in time to enjoy the routine of training, and to just let training go by the wayside when it make sense.

Concentrate on your process, control the variables you can, surrender to the ones you cannot, and the outcome usually takes care of itself.

Confucious say, "Listen to Fluffy."

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  1. You tell your lovely wife that smoking you on the course is my plan! :) I did a mile swim in 35mins and then ran 8miles yesterday, I'm getting there! I've been looking at some of the times from the last couple years and I'm feeling decent, other than the bike, I have no idea how I do on the bike!!
    Knowing you take a rest day in there some where makes me feel better.