Tuesday, February 17, 2009

122 Days and Counting...

-Breakfast: Honey Wheat Bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Large bowl of granola with almonds and raisins.
-Dinner: Cheeseburger, fries, and a lemonade (hey, I live with a pregnant lady; when she wants Dairy Queen, she GETS Dairy Queen, and so do I!)
-Snacks: Fiber One Bar, 2 pieces of fruit leather.

-Training: Swim, 36 minutes continuous, RPE 5 (all race pace).

Run, 60 minutes, all on treadmill. 10 minute warm up at 6mph. Then, upped to 6.5 mph, and did 20-30 seconds strides (increased speed to 8mph) every 2 minutes for 40 minutes. Then 10 minutes cool down at 6mph.

Today was a good day for training... A bit tougher run than previous, working on speed, but still really felt good. I also had the pool to myself, which I am finding is pretty frequent at the LA Fitness where we're members. It is absolutely fantastic to have the entire pool to myself! No one splashing in my lane, no noise, not having to share space with someone slower... AWESOME!

I also had a very cool experience tonight. Our baby girl has been going Chuck Norris in Heather's tummy, and being VERY active. It is very fun to feel those movements, but tonight she did one better. As Heather was eathing the aformentioned Dairy Queen Butterfinger blizzard, I actually SAW her moving! Heather's tummy jumped and wiggled.

I guess our little girl is also an ice cream fan!

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