Wednesday, February 18, 2009

121 Days and Counting...

Feeling super motivated and excited today (good couple weeks of training) so included a picture of my good side from the 2007 IMCDA marathon.

-Breakfast: Honey wheat bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Large bowl of granola with raisins and almonds, 2% milk.
-Dinner: Wheat thins, and 2 large pieces of cheddar cheese (doesn't sound like much, but it hits the spot).
-Snacks: Handful of almonds, more wheat thins and cheese, popcorn, 2 pieces of fruit leather, bottle of vitamin water.

-Training: 60 minutes on bike and trainer. First 10 minutes were small ring warm up. Next 40 minutes were hard effort (RPE 7) on big chain ring, mostly aero (that is getting more comfortable), and last 10 minutes were small chain reing cool down, easy effort. Drank 20 oz of orange gatorade.

Immediate transition to run, and did 45 minutes on the treadmill at 6mph (4.5 miles), nice and easy effort. Legs and feet felt a little stiff right out of the gate, but stopped briefly to loosen up the laces on my shoes, and that helped. Drank 12 oz. Propel fitness water.

Not much to philosophize about today, just feeling really motivated, and excited for the race. The last 2 months I have been pretty focused on base fitness, and the last 3 weeks, as volume has increased, my body has really responded well. No stiffness, no knee pain (I've had nasty IT band issues in the past), no bone spur issues in my left foot, and no sickness (lost almost 7 weeks last year to bronchitis). It is fair to say I am really feeling lucky! I guess that is also a part of the answer to the question "WHY do you do this?" Days like this, where I feel like I got the absolute most out of the day (work, time with awesome wife, excellent training), are great. During the race, its like hundreds of days like this happen all at the same time...

That might be a lame explanation, but it is pretty accurate. It's a great feeling!


  1. Ok, but seriously wheat thins and cheddar?

  2. HAHA! I knew someone would say something about that... It is the best EZ post workout food, and tastes awesome. At least it wasn't Hamburger Helper or something. :-)