Wednesday, February 25, 2009

115 Days and Counting....

-Breakfast: Honey Wheat Bagel, with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: One packet of oatmeal, bottle of vitamin water, peanut butter granola bar, package of fruit snacks.
-Dinner: Breakfast burrito, with scrambled eggs and bacon, and colby jack cheese.
-Snacks: package of fruit snacks, peanut butter granola bar, piece of fruit leather, handful of almonds.
-Training: 30 minutes swimming, continuous, RPE 5. Felt nice to JUST swim for a spell... A bit of a recovery, and a chance to gear up for some longer days to come before the end of the week.
I am inluding a link for everyone tonight, and one I hope you will take a few minutes to look at... A couple of GREAT friends, Kim Urbom and Jared Franz, started a blog as well. I know how much a few of you like blogs (no love lost), but you need to check this out.
I've known Kim since our sophomore year of High School, and I've known Jared since 7th grade (historical sidenote, we won a 3 on 3 soccer tournament in 9th grade; dude, we should have gone pro). They are currently in South Africa, working for a couple years with the Peace Corps. I got an email recently from Kim, that really put a lot of things into perspective.
I realize that writing down my food intake, and reciting how many laps I swam/biked/ran isn't that sexy. Frankly, it sometimes even bores me. But Kim's email indicated that some of the stuff we all take for granted (goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, breakfast burritos, honey wheat bagels), is pretty hard to come by. NOT that they aren't eating well, but some of the bounty that is so easily acquired stateside is much harder to come by in other, more rural parts of the world.
So, I would simply ask that you take a look at their blog, consider following it, and keep the good people who go out into the world to make it better, in your thoughts.
If that doesn't get you to look at the blog, they have pictures of rhino's and elephants... (Everybody has a price....)


  1. Thanks for the blog bro!! Keeps me motivated to try and stay a step ahead of you! lol
    Keep up the training, Ill see at the finish line of Lake Stevens! :)

  2. Keep training! Lake Stevens will be awesome... My lovely wife wants to know if you're going to try and smoke me on the course?! :-)