Sunday, February 22, 2009

118 Days and Counting....

-Breakfast: peanut butter granola bar, 12oz. cran-raspberry juice.
-Lunch: Can of vegetable beef soup, grilled cheese sandwich.
-Dinner: Cheese tortellini with tomato sauce, bottle of propel fitness water.
-Snacks: Chex turtle bar (awesome new find), honey wheat bagel with peanut butter.

-Training: Swim first thing in the morning. 13 minutes straight at RPE 7. 11 minutes of 25 sprint (RPE9) then 25 recover (RPE 2).

In the evening, 60 minute recovery bike session, all at RPE 2, very low gear. My legs were VERY tired from yesterday. Not feeling pain, or anything wrong, I can just tell I did a long run yesterday... The bike helped loosen them up a bit, so we should be good going into next week.

Next week will be a repeat of the first week of this plan, scaling back a bit as a series of shorter, less intense training sessions. It will serve as a bit of a recovery, but I am really pleased with how I feel so far. The long sessions have not been to tough, and my legs have felt very fresh up until today. I still feel strongest about my swimming, but am happy that I have not manufactured reasons to skip out on my cycling sessions.... It is my least favorite, but I feel like I'm making good progress there.

We tried putting together our 3rd and last piece of baby furniture this afternoon, an armoire. (crib: done. Changing table/dresser: Done.) I have to tell you, if there is anything that can make you feel like you ate a bowl of crazy flakes for breakfast, it is putting together a piece of furniture that comes dis-assembled in a box. Weird pieces, hundreds of screws, all packaged in a box that looks like Fed-Ex threw it in front of a train before they delivered it to you. And as we found out today, the train usually wins in the chicken match... We had a bunch of broken pieces, and couldn't put it together. I guess instead of the joys of furniture assembly, we'll have to put up with warm fuzzies dispensed from the curmudgeony customer service people from

As I conclude this post, I must confess that my adorable wife just brought me a bowl of Girl Scout Samoa Cookie Ice Cream... Just livin' the dream people!

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