Tuesday, February 3, 2009

137 Days and Counting

Monday marked the first day of my 20 week training plan... IM CDA is June 21st 2009, so though I've been building up my base level of fitness, the training takes a much more structured turn now. Volume and intensity are more planned, as is recovery. But since this is real life, and work, family, and the super bowl can all get in the way, I am very flexible with the plan. I tend to modify sessions as needed, by shortening them, or decreasing intensity. I'm traveling back home to Utah this week, so will miss a couple days of training. Not a big deal, I just am making sure to get the most out of my volume this week.

On Monday, I am skipping the food entery... It was a busy day, and instead of half-assing the entry (I seriously can't remember everything), I'll focus on the training.

Swim: 30 minutes continuous, RPE 6. The plan called for 800 yards of drills, then 1500 continous. I did 1850 continuous (I've mentioned my lack of affection for drills).

Run: 45 minutes, RPE 4 (6mph). Good recovery run, and setting the table for more LSD.

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