Friday, April 3, 2009

78 Days and Counting...

Whoops, I did it again... :-)

Went a couple of days without posting here, but keeping fairly focused on the training. I was supposed to get in a ton of swimming this week, but in the last couple days managed to get two swims in, and a 60 minute run. I definitely slacked off a bit, but haven't dropped the ball entirely. Still driving hard at the J-O-B, and focused on baby.

So, bit of a shift from the ordinary today, I wanted to share an interesting tidbit from an article in Triathlete Magazine. It's from Scott Tinley, an Ironman pioneer, talking abour the economy.

"Recessions can reduce our choices. In America they're rarely eliminated. History has shown us that during times of economic challenge, people will turn towards things that matter. For some, it's essentials- food and shelter. For others, it's furthering education, health and fitness, or family and friends. With conspicuous consumption thwarted, we turn to the foundational matters of living: the spirit, the body, those people we are close to. And if we can sneak in a lunch hour with buddies, well, all the better."

I only share that, as I was able to get lunch, and some wings/beer with good friends this week, which despite everything else going on the world, it's just nice to hang out with good people, and do a little Talk-Story. I can't buy a boat, or a mansion, or a toilet made of gold, but I can still go out for food and conversation with my wife and friends. That's probably more fun than the gold toilet anyway. :-)

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