Thursday, April 30, 2009

51 Days and Counting...

Bored tonight, not feeling like posting the food... :-)

Training today was supposed to be a swim, and 2.5 hour run. I didn't get home from work til about 6:40, and Heather wasn't but 5 minutes behind me. Since today was officially her last day at work (14 weeks of FMLA, hurray!), we both hit the pool for a 3 minute continuous swim. After that, we went for a celebratory dinner at Olive Garden (thanks to my father-in-law for the gift certificates!).

At dinner, we were talking about how many women seem to be incredibly rude to pregnant women, and I found it funny. Below are some of the things that people have told my wife:

"Your belly has dropped!" (no, it hasn't)

"Your going to have a boy!" (no, we're not)

"I can't believe how full your face looks!" (you need to be slapped, you jerk)

"Your baby will have a full head of hair!" (how the hell are you guessing that?)

"I can't believe your still working!" (it's physical therapy, not construction)

"You can have an epidural.... But I had 19 kids without one, and my labors all lasted 186 hours, in the desert, with no doctor present." (you also need to be slapped, you jerk)

"Your labor is going to be a half hour!" (thanks, but you delusional)

"You need to relax during labor; you're athletic and will probably be tense." (you need to shut up, you're an office worker not a doctor)

"You need to wait another 3 weeks; if you go now at 39 weeks she'll be premature." (that's interesting, my MD doesn't agree with you; I think I'll listen to her)

"I went natural." (that's awesome, can I naturally punch you in the face?)

There are many others, but I am realizing that my responses in parentheses are becoming more caustic... In the interest of keeping it G rated, I'll stop now.

7 days and counting to baby!

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