Saturday, April 11, 2009

70 Days and Counting...

Not feeling the love around the food journal post today, so we're going freestyle...

This weekend was supposed to be a couple of LONG sessions, with a 3 hour brick, and a 2.5 hour run. I missed a swim and a run on Friday (no rest days this week, but I could tell I needed one), so I modified the weekend slightly.

Today was a 50 minute swim, continous, at RPE 7. I did 2 miles in 50 minutes, which is as fast as I've swam that distance in a while. I could definitely maintain the effort, but felt like I'd worked my butt off at the end. I am REALLY hoping to go sub 65 minutes in the swim in June, but this is a pretty loft goal. My 50 minute swim was in a pool, with no disruptions, but still a good confidence booster.

I went straight home, and instead of getting a nice 2 hour ride in outside (Ian, what the heck? You had to take the good weather back to Utah?!), I got in 2 hours in on the trainer.

Legs felt great, arms felt great, and rewarding myself tonight with some pizza, and watching the Boston University Terriers play in the NCAA ice hocky championship game.
Did I got to Boston University? Nope... But my smoking hot wife did. GO TERRIERS!!!

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