Saturday, April 18, 2009

63 Days and Counting... Back in the saddle! (ok, pool, no saddle)

-Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffe.
-Lunch: Big bowl of Flourescent orange love (kraft macaroni and cheese... please).
-Dinner: Not yet, but I need to do something good for me, as the mac'n cheese was a hedonistic choice. After the run, it sounded like heaven, and didn't disappoint one bit!
-Snack: Big bowl of fruity pebbles, 2% milk. Again, not a wise choice, but it sounded better than granola today.

Exciting, as I FINALLY got in some quality workouts after being sick M-F of this week...
Swim, 30 minutes continuous, mostly at RPE 3. Just wanted to test myself after being sick all week, and REALLY felt good. Inappropriate speedo man was back at the pool today, but gave up after 2 flip turns, so no drowning cow circus. My wife freaked me out in the car on the way home, as she asked "did he say hi to you?" I don't recall that, and certainly not opposed to friendly pool conversation (even with Inappropriate speedo man), so hopefully I didn't come across as a pool snob. As a sidenote, it was fun having my 9 months pregnant wife swim laps with me at the pool today (yes, Heather McHottie joined me this morning). Even more awesome, she was faster than some other folks in a neighboring lane! Way to be Iron Girl...

Came back and fueled up on fruity pebbles, and then did a 65 minute run, 7 miles total. Really tried to keep myself at a slower pace, so as not to aggravate the cold I'm just getting over. I was surprised at how good I felt.

I also decided to try a science experiment today. I have some heart rate data from early in the training, and it is fun to run the data and see what comes out. I was curious what my HR would be after being sick, and coming back from a week off.

When I started, I thought I would just take it easy, not pay attention to the clock, and do a 6 mile loop, and see how I felt. I figured 10 minute miles would be a good recovery pace, and not be so hard that I'd get sick again tomorrow.

I ran my 6 miles, and when I looked at the clock it was 54 minutes! Not super fast, but not the lazy 10 minute miles I thought I'd do. So, I did 1 more mile, and finished in 63 minutes. My Avg. HR was 158, compared to 163 the last time I checked on a run. I don't have the credentials to interpret data like that with doctoral precision, but my paraphrased deduction is this:

Feel good while running, running fairly fast, with the ticker not working as hard to maintain the effort...

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