Wednesday, April 15, 2009

66 Days and Counting....

Ugh, again today....

Three days now out of commission with the head cold. I think we might have broken it though, as I am feeling on the upswing tonight. I traveled down to Los Angeles for a quick meeting with the boss, and was fighting the cold pretty hard all day. Getting ready to nod off, I feel just the tiniest bit better, so we'll see.

I am missing a big chunk of my bike-focused week, but will try to make up a bunch next week, as it's a rest week. Should be able to squeeze some extra time in ok.

The only other update is that we had our last ultrasound yesterday for baby girl, and all is well. She is situated head down, like she should be, and continues to practice her swim stroke regularly... Yeah, I know she may not be REALLY practicing her swimming, but it beats thinking she's punching her mom in the liver and lungs just for fun. :-)

23 days and counting til baby!!

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