Friday, April 17, 2009

64 Days and Counting....

Well, I am back today, but no workout news.... Still fighting the cold, and though I would prefer to have gotten my workouts in, the rest isn't a bad thing. I learned the hard way last year about how big a mess I can get myself into if I try to push through sickness. I ended up with bronchitis that shut me down for 5 weeks, so I am doing the smart thing (admittedly, hard as well), and making sure I get well before I push my limits.

So, instead of a workout recap this week, more of a mental recap. I have 64 days left until the race, and am pretty close to halfway through the training. This year, time seems to be FLYING by. Can't figure out why though... I fell as though I haven't done as much training as I did the last two years, and yet on my long days of training, I still feel good; lungs keep working, and legs feel strong. I find myself daydreaming about the race instead of getting nervous for it. I am 100% aware there is still a lot of work to do, and if you drop your guard the race will kick you in the face first chance it gets, so I'm not letting myself get over confident...

All the same, I feel more ready this year than the previous two. Maybe I'm just relaxed because I have a good idea for what to expect? I've only had one bad dream about the race (I came out of the swim and couldn't find my bike; can you tell I'm a weak cyclist?!), and just keep thinking about what it will be like to race with my mom, my sister, my brand new neice, my smokin hot wife AND my brand new baby girl there?

Good stuff. :-)

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