Tuesday, April 21, 2009

60 Days and Counting....

-Breakfast: 2 Peanut butter granola bars, 2 packages of fruit snacks, 1 piece of fruit leather, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Can of Chicken Tortilla soup, handful of wheat thins.
-Dinner: Chicken and beef teryaki, white rice.
-Snacks: 3 packages of fruit snacks, 2 pieces of fruit leather, 2 thin min girl scout cookies.

53 minute run, outside! It was a very nice day, and though I didn't get out of work early enough to really enjoy the sunshine, I was able to do my run outside before dinner tonight... It was great. Probably 60 degrees, but sunny.

I felt TIRED today running... Oddly, my pace was fine (53 minutes for 6 miles, so brisk for me), but I felt weak. Part of me thinks I didn't eat well after my 4 hour ride on Sunday, as my legs were good, it was more of the rest of my body feeling a little out of gas.

Still felt pretty good though, and feel 100% back from the cold. I don't feel snuffly, no runny nose or congestion, so I think the rest did me some good. I need to ramp up a bit more cyling this week, and hopefully the weather holds to get that and my running outside. It would be REALLY nice to have some warm weather to get used to also! 2007 in CDA was cold, 2008 in Lake Placid was cold and rainy, so I think we're due for hot and sunny for once.... We'll hope so, anyway!

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