Wednesday, April 29, 2009

52 Days and Counting....

Forgot to post yesterday!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, yesterday and today are pretty much the basics... Granola, fruit snacks, fruit leather. Dinner yesterday was egg and cheese breakfast burrito, today was a bowl of chicken/sausage gumbo.

Yesterday was 90 mintues solid on the bike, RPE 5.

Today, getting ready to get on the bike for 30 minutes, then get on the treadmill for 60 minutes at 6.5 mph.

Not much for news the last couple of days, just MENTALLY TIRED. Not lacking motivation for training, just in a bit of a funk where the couch and the TV remote seem to have increased their gravitational pull!!
I am finding myself distracted from training compared to the last couple years... Nothing bad, just getting ready for baby (one more routine Dr. appointment today), and thinking about all that comes with that. I am definitely having trouble being patient for that! We both want her to be here and get started being a family.... The good news is everything so far has been textbook, so we'll keep trying our best to wait!

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