Sunday, April 19, 2009

62 Days and Counting... And back in the saddle for real!

-Breakfast: Cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, 2 cups of coffee.
-Lunch: Leftover mac'n cheese, handful of almonds, handful of goldfish crackers, piece of fruit leather.
-Dinner: BBQ chicken and rice, with some carrot sticks for veggie.

3 hour 55 minute ride, 60 miles total. Just like yesterday, I strapped on the heart rate monitor to get a baseline. I was pleasantly suprprised by the data, but here is the breakdown:

Minimum HR 89 (just getting started), maximum 160, average 142. It was a bit lower than on the run, which was nice to see! I sometimes feel like I labor a bit on the bike, but I guess that's just because I like it the least.

Today was fantastic though, about 70 degrees and sunny out, so I FINALLY got some outdoor time on the bike! I hit the Cedar River trail along Hwy 169, which is my favorite ride around here. It doesn't really have any hills, but it is a very slight uphill ride for about 10 miles straight, and is flat enough on the way back that there are NO downhill sections where you can coast and rest your legs. So it was a pretty flat ride, but I still feel like I earned my 60 miles.
My 56 mile time (1 lap on the IM course) was 3:40, the same as my first lap in Lake Placid. I tend to be a first lap hero, and have yet to learn how to effectively "hold back" a bit, but it was a good confidence booster that with 10 weeks to go, I felt good today. I still think I need a few long rides outside to keep improving, as my first lap in CDA in 2007 was 3:20. There are lots of downhill sections to bomb that are good for the average speed, but I want to make sure I'm feeling good on the slow uphill sections!

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