Monday, April 20, 2009

61 Days and Counting....

(Wrote this last night but forgot to post it... Sorry!)
-Breakfast: 2 Peanut butter granola bars, 2 cups of coffee, package of fruit snacks.
-Lunch: Lobster chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.
-Dinner: BBQ chicken sandwich, made from yesterday's leftovers.
-Snacks: I think I ate 6 packages of fruit snacks today (I felt a little addicted, they just tasted good), 3 pieces of fruit leather, and some almonds.

None... Wasn't supposed to be a rest day, but I felt the cold sneaking back a little after our long ride yesterday, so decided to lay low today (which was easy since I also had a long day at work), and drink 48 ounces of Propel. Hoping that I can DROWN the cold germs out of my system!

Not too worried about today, as it is supposed to be a rest week, but I have some cycling and running to make up, and it looks like the weather will hold this week for me to do it. I am pretty set on not rushing back from getting sick, as that will just make me MORE sick. Rest is our friend, kids. (Ian, make sure Sarah reads this post!).

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