Tuesday, June 2, 2009

18 Days and Counting!

Officially getting super stoked for race day... that is the funny thing about this "hobby" we call Ironman. You sign up 365 days in advance (you have to, the races sell out in a matter of minutes), you mark your calendar, you train for more than half the year to be able to do it, you answer a million questions from friends, critics, aspiring racers, family, and strangers.

Think there's any build-up to this thing?! I love it though, it makes the day THAT much more special, no matter what happens. It is an awesome feeling to have dedicated an entire year to get to the point where you toe the line and get to compete. Finish or not, every step of the year is really great.

So, I have still been a bit hit and miss with the blog since baby girl arrived, but I am happy to report that I have stayed focused and been getting in my mileage.

Sunday, I got in a 7 mile run in 1:01, and followed it up with a solid 45 minute swim in the pool.

Monday was an off day, the first one in 6 days, to get some spring back in my legs.

Today was a long-ish run at 2 hours, in the HEAT. I loved it. :-) I am still optimistic that with Ironman #3 we are actually going to get nice weather!! (see IMUSA monsoon picture above)
I've had the chance to get out and bike/run in the tremendous weather Seattle has dished out recently, and am relishing it.

Things with the family (I also love saying that!) continue to go well. We have established a system of each getting some sleep, and baby girl treats us pretty well. Being a daddy is great!

Now, about her swim lessons.....

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