Thursday, June 11, 2009

9 Days and Counting!!

So yesterday I got in a very short brick... 45 minutes on the bike (all hills around the house), and then had a 3 minute transition to the run, and did 45 minutes, again hills around the house. The legs felt great yesterday, and I was able to work out the "wierd" feeling getting off the bike in about a half mile of running, AND I managed to keep my pace reasonable. I have the tendency to to go WAY too fast off the bike into the run, and get super tired super fast. Score one for restraint!!

This workout was also my first chance to test out the trusty Roo (bike) after it's tune up and rubber overhaul. I have to give some props to Center Cycle in Renton, as they got me into the shop and completed the work in 24 hours (REI, 2 weeks? Seriously?). They did an AWESOME job; shifting smooth, brakes back up to snuff, and my new tires rock. I asked for some puncture protection and mileage without breaking the bank, and they seem to have delivered in outstanding fashion!

I had a chance to talk with my mom last night too, who is roadtripping up from Utah with my baby sister and my brand new niece. It is exciting to have a bit of a cheering section at the race! My oh-so-cute-and-supportive wife has been there the last 3 years (love you baby!), and this will be my mom and sister's 2nd IM cheerleading experience. It makes a WORLD of difference to have some friendly faces to look forward to on the course. It gives you a huge emotional boost, and frankly, is WAY more exciting that just counting off the mile markers (that loses its appeal after the first 100 miles or so).

Plus, my wife is good for a couple kisses out there, which seems to be WAY more effective at passing the miles than GU and Gatorade. :-)

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