Sunday, June 14, 2009

6 Days and counting!!

And I am sleeping REALLY well (thank you baby girl and smokin-hot wife!). I am having no trouble knocking out 9 hours a night, and am worried I am getting a little lazy! Race day requires a 345am wake up call, but I've never had any problem with that, so not really concerned...

I had a 90 minute run to squeeze in yesterday, and got it knocked out no problem... 90 minutes, 9.5 miles, and felt great all the way. Eating about 2 GU's an hour, and washing them down with Gatorade, and no issues with the stomach.

Oddly, I can eat about anything on the bike, and as much as I want (shot blox are my tool of choice), but tri-berry GU seems to be the ONLY thing I can do on the run. I actually ran out of GU 2 weeks ago, and tried shot blox on my run. The payoff? A raging case of adult-onset O0psicrappedmypants. I had to cut my run short, and perform a slow, focused, walk back to the house to avoid embarassing myself at a major intersection in Renton. :-)

I still have a 3 hour ride to sneak in, and was going to do that today, but we had an impromptu celebration (not for IM, just a shindig for the sake of a shindig) at the Wing Dome last night. Thanks to Eli/Emy/Marli/Brenna/Chan/Cadence/Todd/Stacy/Nolan for one last night of beer and wings before race day!

Looks like the ride will wait until tomorrow, and then it's pack, drive, and swim in Lake CDA on Thursday! And all the while, all I will be thinking about is finishing... Hopefully with the sun still up this year! :-)


  1. Why are you waking up at 3:45 on race day? Will you share your race day prep/schedule?
    You're "0psicrappedmypants" made me laugh so hard. I hope that doesn't happen to me on race day. I've used every gel/bar in the universe during training and my stomach handles everything. I'm lucky, but come race day, who knows what the stomach will do.

  2. Hey Kristen! Glad you got a chuckle... It is funny to me now, not so much that day!

    As for race day prep/schedule, happy to oblige. I will throw that up in a post today!

    Best of luck to you, and remember to ENJOY IT! It sounds weird, but when it's all over it will feel like the day went by in a flash...