Saturday, June 20, 2009

22 hours 42 minutes and counting!!


Today, we drop off the bike and transition bags down at City Park, and then... Wait.

Waiting for tomorrow is hard! Wife, mom, sister, daughter and neice will make some fun signs down at the expo that the race crew will post on the course, I'll stroll through all the overpriced M-Dot merchandise (I already blew my budget on souvenirs the first day!).

Weatherman still says rain by 1pm on Sunday, but we have all the weather gear prepped and ready if the rains decide to punish us. We've done it before, we'll do it again....

For anyone with spare time on Sunday, the live race coverage is online again this year. To track my (or anyone else's!) race progress"

2. click on the Couer 'Alene race link

3. Track an athlete

4. enter last name, or bib number (my bib number is 502).

That is all from here, hopefully Sunday night or Monday morning I have some good news to post here!! For all the other athletes that are competing, good luck, and enjoy!

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