Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swine flu, and counting...

Ugh. Okay, not swine flu, but man am I sick. Have been for a few days. I lost 7lbs. in fluids in 24 hours (um, I was not sweating either).

SO, though I really need to get in some long days, I am back to recuperating. A few years ago I would be freaking out, but after 5 weeks off last year for bronchitis, I am still very confident. I think we're cutting it a little CLOSE (bronchitis was 10 weeks out LY, not 30 days!), but let's be honest. I ain't gonna win the damn thing, sick or not. :-) Sub-17 is still within reach! I am posting a positive racing picture above to keep myself thinking positive...


  1. Everyone is sick! I am just getting over the swin flu I caught last week...I guess the insane amount of training is catching up with everyone! Keep up the good work...see you on the course in CDA!

  2. Sorry you are sick too! We are just worn out... See you in Idaho! :-)