Wednesday, May 6, 2009

45 Daddy... I mean Days... And Counting!

Okay, so I have been offline, and (predictably) not training since last Friday. We ended up in the hospital at 730am, and little Cara was born (with a little help!) at 9:15pm.

Since then I have actually done pretty well with my eating. I've cut WAY down on calories consumed (I managed to drop 3lbs. this week) with the decrease in training volume, but I've also stopped hydrating as well (some of the 3lbs, I'm sure). The worst thing I've eaten is some jelly beans and a couple brownies, and as I type I am treating myself to a beer tonight.

But I HAVE been busy! This is not exactly a "Rest Week" in the traditional sense... I have slept from about 1am to 530am, and 6-830 each night since Saturday, which is actually pretty good. Heather has been getting less sleep, as she has to do most of the work in the night time. We've split duties up a bit, so she can get a long nap mid-morning and late evening, but I gotta tell you, she is a champ!

I am proud of myself for one thing... I'm more relaxed than I thought I would be. I figured I would have a hard time sleeping, as I'd constantly be listening for baby's breathing at night, or watching her for movement to make sure everything is okay. Either I am doing okay at staying mellow, or I am too tired to maintain focus for very long. I am banking on the latter...

I hope to get in some swimming later this week, as we are sort of getting into a new routine here at home. But, even if I don't, my goal of sub-17 Ironman is still alive and well, and I have a cute little bundle of love to think about every step of the way (and a baby too! haha, love you Heather!). Training will pick up soon enough, and I am thinking now, more than ever, the bike trainer and treadmill are the most fantastic strategic purchases of my life!

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