Sunday, May 17, 2009

34 Days and Counting...

So I skipped a day of writing, but admirably, did NOT skip a day of training. It wasn't specatacular yesterday, but I got in a solid 30 minute swim in the morning.

Today, did 9 miles in 80 minutes, and felt really good. I put down 4 GUs and 20 oz. of water, which was good. Today was warm in Seattle (75 and sunny!), so it is a mental win to get in some training in the heat. I am operating under the assumption that it will be warm and sunny in CDA in June, though I have been wrong before... :-)

I continue to find ways to shoehorn in training despite LOTS going on, and it is a pretty good confidence builder that with all the distractions that life tosses out, I still feel good physically. Plus, I still love being a Daddy (surprise!!), and it looks I can be Daddy and Wannabe Ironman at the same time. :-)

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