Tuesday, May 12, 2009

39 Days and Counting... Can it be true?!

Yes, it can. Calendars do not lie!

For all of you (okay... both of us) following the blog to this point, you've noticed that I REALLY fell off the wagon of posting in the last 10 days or so. With baby girl showing up to the party, time has been at a premium, but I am very happy to say I have been productive. At least what I would consider being productive!

Last Saturday, I got in a 2 hour ride with my buddy Deuce; sunny weather, a riding parnter (rare for me!), and some bratwursts on the grill afterwards.

Sunday was Mother's day, so I did... Nothing to do with Triathlon. :-) Took care of brand new mommy, and relaxed!

Monday, got in an 80 minute run, pretty brisk, and hashed out 9 miles.

Today, I got in a 30 minute swim, and 60 minutes HARD on the bike, on the trainer.

I am managing to still squeak in training, though I am finding that my sessions are shorter (only so many hours in the day), and I am fine with that. I have found in the last week and a half that I can kill 2 hours without noticing it, just sitting on the couch making faces at Cara. I am a diaper changing machine (in that I like it, not that I change them all!), and tonight I had my first incident of Cara peeing all over the changing table after I had wiped her clean and turned away to toss the dirty diaper. I thought only boys could pee sideways?!

Anyhow, I feel good about training, will find ways to keep it going, and am loving being a daddy.

Ironman, here we come!

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