Monday, December 21, 2009

130 Days and LAZY!

Not about training, about blogging... What's happened to me!? I used to be so good about my daily ramblings... Wait, no I wasn't. I guess I just wasn't this BAD! So, to catch you up:

Friday was a 50 minute ride, 10 minute run.

Saturday was a 30 minute run.

Sunday was a 65 minute ride, 20 minute run.

Monday was off.

As is the custom this time of year, the diet kind of takes a hit. My meals have been fine, but the cookies and the chocolates in between meals? They are awesome (and hard to decline!).

Some of my delay in posting is due to some good news our family got at the end of last week, that has been a bit distracting... I've kicked around the idea of grad school for the last couple years, and stumbled across a really great program at a great school. Wasn't sure I qualified academically, but after all my stuff was reviewed, I got the call Friday morning... I'll be a student at Gonzaga University, beginning January 12th!

I know this is another big commitment, and I am not sure if I'll do full IM after St. George in May (we'll see how this year goes), but I know I will at least do 70.3 races.... I can't give up cold turkey!! What else will I blog about? :-) If this year goes well with time management, we'll keep up the full IM schedule, but it is honestly a question mark for me now. I think subconciously I want to see how this year goes with a more modest training load (read: training as little as possible!), and if the race is still fun.

I think it will be. :-)


  1. You still haven't given any details on what the Ironman will be studying.

    If it makes you feel better, here are my training stats for yesterday:
    -Climbed stairs 35 times, most of the time carrying a 30 pound child to time out.
    -Walked out to the mailbox and back.
    -Vacuumed house
    -Looked at the treadmill, and thought about walking until I realized that with the blocks, plastic bowling pins and two plastic fried eggs stored on it, that it might be dangerous.


  2. My bad! Was too excited, didn't realize I was skimping the details! Masters of Organizational Leadership... Mix of HR, Business, Sociology.

    Your training was better than mine the last few days!! I don't do any weight training... :-) And coming from a guy who has been ejected from his own treadmill a time or two, it's best not to get on it when there are bowling pins and eggs.

    I'm just saying....

  3. Isn't it funny how we triathletes are on so many paths at the same time. I love that others are so much like me. I considered grad school but decided to do IM again instead. I'm eating too much, writing and training too little.
    Love your blog and thanks for commenting on mine.
    Happy New Year.