Friday, July 31, 2009

More fun in the sun!

So... Last few days have been good:

-25 miles on the bike.
-1 mile in the pool.
-9 miles today running in the sun, NO PAIN in my achilles.

I also have arranged a "rivalry ride" for this weekend. Revenge of Dirty Thirty vs. All the Time Bad Ass Man Power! 50 miles on the Cedar River this Sunday morning... Not really a rivalry ride, but I will have Deuce and Chan along for the ride, and in riding, the more the merrier!

Weather continues to be great up here, so getting in as much time during the heat of the day as possible.... I don't get to train in the heat often, so taking as much advantage as possible!

Also, a note to the jerk in the Ferarri who shot me a dirty look in the cross walk today:

Your $200,000 silver Ferarri is not as cool as my $8000 silver Jeep, so drop the attitude. Also, my wife is hotter than your wife.

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