Tuesday, July 28, 2009

90 degrees!!! Awesome!!!

So, back at it today, and I decided to test my fitness a little bit... It was another 92 degree day in Seattle, and NO ONE has air conditioning. I admit it gets a bit uncomfortable at times, but I honestly love that it feels like summer. We just don't get HOT up here that often, so I am enjoying it.

But enjoy it or not, running in 92 degree weather is hard. So I strapped on my shoes, drank a 64 oz. slurpee (thank you smokin hot wife), and went out to see what I could do at 23opm at the height of the day's sun.

Result? 5.4 miles, 48 minutes, and I felt pretty good.

It is going to continue being hot, so we'll see how a swim/bike workout goes tomorrow!

For now, I am going to sleep on an air mattress in my front yard! It got so hot up here that it is much more comfortable to sleep outdoors than in, so we put up the tent, moved the babie's crib in to the yard, and we are all set to be the most comfortable family in town!

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  1. I would melt. You need to make friends with someone with a pool.