Friday, February 5, 2010

84 Days and Counting....

This one is going to be quick, as I am beat, but didn't want to skip posting today... Was on the road for work the last 2 days, and squeaked in a run when I got home today, as it was unseasonably warm and dry in Seattle!

I haven't even mustered the energy to plug in the Garmin to get the stats, but I know I did 6 miles in 52 minutes, which puts me a little less than 9 minutes a mile. I was hoping to go longer, but I was SHOT. Not feeling sick or out of sorts, just drained. Nutrition didn't help, though! I had a Sausage McMuffin and coffee for breakfast (I hate eating on the road!), a kashi bar for lunch, and 3 more cups of coffee on the road. AWESOME!

But, I got in the run, and didn't skip... And I got some Valentine's Day shopping done for Smokin Hot Wife!! She's going to love it.... And that is all I'm going to say. She is supportive, sweet, smart, and the best mom in the world, and she sometimes reads my blog, so the suspense will drive her nuts! :-)

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  1. Great pic! Funny as all getout that you use your training blog to drive your wife nuts!!

    Your nutrition sounds like mine - when will we learn?