Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am still alive!!

And, I kept my Ironman title this year....

I concede, that dropping the blog like a bad habit with 84 days to go was a cheap, no good, silly thing to do. But this year was an experiment, and the data is in.

I wanted to see if I could handle training, a new career, being a husband, being a dad, going to grad school, maintaining friendships, AND doing the blog. With all those balls in the air, I admit, I dropped the blog.

But, I did manage to do all the rest! Suffice it to say, the Ironman St George course is a KILLER. Hardest course I've seen, and my SLOWEST Ironman time. I finished in 16:11 and change, but like everyone else that day, super proud of finishing on an absolutely brutal course.

I'm working on a race report, we'll see how long it takes to put that together. Another semester of grad school started on Monday, so don't hold your breathe!

If you're still reading this after 3 months off... Thank you. :-)


  1. I guess based on the balls you have been juggling, you are excused! :) WAY TO GO! I heard IMSG was a killer course. What's the plan for summer, goingt o try and cram more into the schedule?? CHeers