Wednesday, February 3, 2010

86 Days and Counting... I'm back!

Okay, I've been out for a while... But I can say that though my blog has suffered, my training has NOT. I've been on my game with cycling and running the past 2-plus weeks. I have also been putting to good use the Garmin Forerunner 305 that Smokin Hot Wife got me for Christmas. This thing is AWESOME! It takes some of the "iron math" out tracking the data from training, and it comes with a killer software program that automatically downloads and maps my workouts.... So easy, and great info! I've experimented with my running a little bit due to how easy it is to mix things up. So, here are my run stats for the last little while:

1/23: 3.5 miles in 32.17 minutes, avg. 9:14 minutes/mile. 427 Calories.

1/25: 7.38 miles in 1:01:33, avg. 8:20 minutes/mile. 899 calories.

1/27: 8.96 miles in 1:20:23 , avg. 8:58 minutes/mile. 1086 calories.

1/31: 6 miles in 54:00, avg. 9:00 minutes/mile. 624 calories.

2/2: 3.56 miles in 27:00, avg. 7:35 minutes/mile. 437 calories.

It also records my heart-rate, which is of interest to me, but not that interesting to the rest of the world....

Interspersed with all that is 2 swim sessions, 32 minutes each, and 9 cycling sessions between 90 and 120 minutes.

Overall, I am feeling great, and have been super happy with how my legs have responded to the running. Each of the above runs was outside on the street, not on the treadmill, which is where my running base has been so far. I was stoked with my last run, an attempt at speed work (not my strength). 7:35 minutes a mile felt good, and I felt like I could have maintained it for a few more miles. If the weather holds in Seattle, I'll be able to test my speed a little more....

I have been doing better on the bike than I thought, in terms of punching the clock. I know I need more work there, but I am more focused on it than in past races, and will work on volume a bit more going forward.

Swimming has had the least amount of focus this go around, but I am not worried about it... My last two races, I've been top 25% out of the water on the swim, which makes me comfortable. It has been tougher to get out to the pool, as I don't want to miss out on time with the Munchkin. I am pretty happy with the balance, but I know I need to find ways to sneak in pool time. It just won't be at the cost of good family time!



  1. i LOVE my 305!! isnt it so more helpful than driving your run route to figure out mileage??!! good job on the speed.

  2. OMG, it is FANTASTIC! I was using a Nike+ before, and I swear if I jogged to the mailbox that thing thought I had run 4 miles. The software with the 305 is fun too..... Hope all is well!